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Failure to record client time - your biggest cause of lower profitability?

Mar 2024

Are your lawyers able to discuss money with clients?

Dec 2023

Your People

Sep 2023

Challenge your thinking - some questions to ask yourselves this summer

Jul 2023

Stop Leaking Profit!

Apr 2023

We need more people!

Jan 2023

Techniques to get the best out of your Top Team

Dec 2022

How to enhance your top team’s performance

Nov 2022

Value Pricing - to increase your profitability

Oct 2022

Four measures to futureproof your law firm

Sep 2022

Your firm’s future? Some questions to ponder over the summer

Jul 2022

Are you measuring what matters?

Feb 2022

Understand WHY the 'unreasonable man' does not wish to adapt to the changing world

Jan 2022

Are your management structures fit for purpose?

Nov 2021

Developing a partner reward stategy to compete and win

Jun 2021

Back to the Office after Lockdown - a How to Guide

Apr 2021

When did you last take your Partners away for a retreat (a ‘real’ not a virtual one)?

Mar 2021

Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a changing world.

Feb 2021

Winning new business during COVID

Nov 2020

COVID-19 and Law firms: should you be looking at merger opportunities for 2021?

Nov 2020

After COVID-19: Setting the strategy after the storm

Oct 2020

Beyond COVID 19: Hidden Wins - There's gold in those filing cabinets

Sep 2020

Beyond COVID-19: Using your workspace more effectively

Aug 2020

Beyond COVID 19: What will law firms need in a Finance Director

Aug 2020

Keeping Change Going After Covid-19

Jul 2020

Performance and What Clients Really Need

Jun 2020

COVID-19 and Law Firms – how to make real change happen NOW

Jun 2020

COVID-19 and Law Firms: Delivering Change as a Leader

Jun 2020

COVID-19 and law firms - avoiding a cash crunch in 2021 when government support ends

May 2020

COVID-19 and law firms: do you have a plan for when government support ends?

May 2020

COVID-19 – Building the Future Law Firm Winners

May 2020

COVID-19 and Law firms: Successful Post-merger integration - without it you will fail

Apr 2020

COVID-19 and law firms: will you be an 'Acquirer' or a 'Seller' in 2020

Apr 2020

COVID-19 and Law firms: Managing the new and the old risks

Apr 2020

COVID-19 - the next steps for law firms

Apr 2020

COVID-19 pandemic: stress testing the financial implications - a practical example

Mar 2020

COVID-19 pandemic - survival steps

Mar 2020

When did you last give your firm a 'strategic healthcheck'?

Mar 2020

Is there a disconnect in your management structure?

Feb 2020

Staying ahead of the Brexit curve (as the impact grows)

Jan 2020

Is your Top Team performing?

Jan 2020

Critical questions to ask if you are to build your competitive edge

Dec 2019

Strategic clarity and focus - the keys to profitable growth

Oct 2019

Merger without an integration plan does not work - how to achieve the potential of your merger

Sep 2019

Thought for August

Jul 2019

Do you sell your services on price or on value for money?

Apr 2019

What management does a law firm need if it is to achieve its ambitions?

Mar 2019

Will you be an 'acquirer' or a 'seller' in 2019?

Feb 2019

Ambition or Complacency? Will your firm achieve its ambitions in 2019?

Jan 2019

Are any of your Partners feeling undervalued?

Dec 2018

Prioritise and delegate – to achieve more and avoid burnout

Nov 2018

Where to now for law firm profitability?

Oct 2018

Keep it real – benefit from making small incremental changes

Sep 2018

Why merge?

Jun 2018

How fit for purpose is your firm?

May 2018

"If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change"

Apr 2018

What needs to be changed in your firm?

Mar 2018

Ambition or Complacency - which is driving your firm?

Feb 2018

E-learning – how to make your training budget more cost-effective

Dec 2017

Stop Triple Discounting!

Nov 2017

How to efficiently drive profitable growth: the role of client and market feedback

Oct 2017

What should your partners be doing to build client satisfaction?

Sep 2017

Succession problems are also acquisition opportunities

Aug 2017

Future proof your firm by aligning your future strategic focus and your people

Jul 2017

How to use scenario planning to stay ahead of the Brexit curve

Jun 2017

How fit for purpose is your management structure?

May 2017

Focus on what really matters

Apr 2017

Consolidation will be driven by client demands and the need to compete

Mar 2017

Consolidation without rationalisation does not work!

Feb 2017

My top ten tips for improving financial performance in 2017

Jan 2017

Law firm challenges in 2017

Dec 2016

Successful profit distribution policies require cash management discipline

Nov 2016

The critical components for success but first you may need to challenge your current thinking

Oct 2016

Staying ahead of the 'Brexit curve'

Sep 2016

Is succession a problem?

Aug 2016

Future Uncertain?

Jul 2016

Partners behaving badly - why tolerating bad behaviour can spell disaster

May 2016

Partner performance - what partners should be doing to earn their money

Apr 2016

If you don't know where you are going, you will never get there!

Mar 2016

Test your need to grow and merge

Feb 2016

We have to change!

Jan 2016

Managing partner performance and reward

Dec 2015

Law firms need agility to meet the challenges ahead

Oct 2015

Profit from disruptive change

Sep 2015

A time to take stock of partners' performance

May 2015

Year-end billing - turn your WIP into cash and profit - fast

Mar 2015

How can we get our people to change?

Feb 2015

Where are you going and what do you want to be?

Dec 2014

Partner reward a help or a blockage to effective business development?

Oct 2014

Build stronger cash flow by actively managing your peoples performance

Sep 2014

Actively manage your people's financial performance - to increase your profitability

Jul 2014

Transforming your firm where to start?

Jun 2014

Restructuring: Implementation ten tips on how to make it happen

May 2014

Restructure your law firm to build your competitive edge

Apr 2014

All equity LLPs / partnerships: A future model for some firms?

Mar 2014

Reward is market driven

Jan 2014

A crisis? What crisis?

Dec 2013

Developing effective succession plans

Oct 2013

Pricing your work - for profit and risk

Sep 2013

Challenge everything about your firm to discover whether you really are 'in good shape'

Jul 2013

Partner reward - developing a reward strategy to be competitive

Jun 2013

Change before you have to - Jack Welch

May 2013

Developing more effective financial management

Apr 2013

Opportunities need to be created

Mar 2013

The resource problem

Feb 2013

How well do you know your partners?

Jan 2013

Just 16 working days to go and counting!

Dec 2012

Which way now for law firms?

Oct 2012

What do you look for in a Finance Director - traditionalist or modernist?

Sep 2012

Take control of your cash flow

Jul 2012

Can you now demonstrate you are fully compliant?

Jun 2012

Planning and innovation will be the key to future competitiveness

May 2012

The first 100 days as COLP / COFA first actions, first conversations to have

Apr 2012

A case study of a successful merger process part 2

Mar 2012

A case study of a successful merger process - part 1

Feb 2012

Confront your sacred cows

Jan 2012

How to make compliance work for you . to help you have more satisfied clients and at the same time to tame your big gorillas!

Nov 2011

A perfect storm? Plan ahead now before it is too late

Oct 2011

Financial management has just become regulated!

Sep 2011

Are networks the way forward for some law firms?

Jul 2011

Managing the merger process to make it happen

Jun 2011

A plan to resource competitive growth

May 2011

Forward Planning for a competitive future

Apr 2011

How can law firms collaborate

Feb 2011

360 degree feedback

Jan 2011

Taking your people with you

Dec 2010

Plan ahead - before it is too late

Nov 2010

Systemise your compliance

Oct 2010

Underpin your success with enhanced financial management

Sep 2010

Preventing client leakage

Aug 2010

"Why" and "How" to successfully merge?

Jul 2010

The case for a new 'national' law firm

Jun 2010

Gain competitive advantage over your rivals by attracting and retaining the best people

May 2010

A financialbased approach to achieving strategic goals

Apr 2010

Do you really know what your clients are going to need from you in the future?

Mar 2010

Forget mergers, think acquisition!

Feb 2010

How do you know you are compliant?

Jan 2010

What would make the greatest difference to your firm in 2010?

Dec 2009

Building a more competitive future focus your forward planning on the fundamentals

Nov 2009

Outsourcing & Offshoring the advantages for UK Firms

Oct 2009

How to improve your chances of achieving a good merger

Sep 2009

How to achieve higher performance levels from all your partners

Jul 2009

Repositioning your firm post-recession to gain competitive advantage: will your internal values be a help or will they hold you back?

Jun 2009

Professional support infrastructure how to cost effectively provide what your firm cannot do without?

May 2009

Planning for life after the recession

Apr 2009

Alliancing an alternative model for competitive growth

Mar 2009

Survival of the fittest dealing with underperforming partners

Feb 2009

Building for the future

Jan 2009

How to make mergers happen

Dec 2008

Ten ways to achieve real results from marketing in tough times.

Nov 2008

The need to build competitive advantage into your firm to survive the challenges NOW facing the legal profession

Oct 2008

Make the most of what you have put the squeeze on your firms performance

Sep 2008

An opportunity to manage performance to a higher level

Aug 2008

Prospering in an uncertain future

Jul 2008

Why would anyone wish to invest in a law firm?

Jun 2008

How to capture more billable time - and become more profitable

May 2008

Financial education how firms can improve financial performance by investing in their people

Apr 2008

A land of opportunities

Mar 2008

How to build competitive advantage by helping partners provide clients with what they want

Feb 2008

2008 - OUT with complacency, IN with investment

Jan 2008

Ten steps to enhanced financial performance

Nov 2007

How to give your merger discussions a greater chance of success

Oct 2007

The need to consolidate and grow

Sep 2007

Implementation key to successful strategies

Jun 2007

Developing a clear and realistic strategy

May 2007

Is your firm 'in shape' to take advantage of the opportunities ahead?

Apr 2007

How many of your equity partners should really be equity partners?

Mar 2007

Building profitability the key to developing a competitive law firm

Feb 2007

What kind of firm are you going to build in 2007 and beyond?

Jan 2007

Effective cash management put the squeeze on your business

Nov 2006

Partner development - how firms can build for the future by investing now in the next generation

Oct 2006

How is your firm 'shaping up'?

Sep 2006

Financial management - take control!

Jun 2006

An approach to help tackle issues of partner non performance

May 2006

Tell us why you should be a partner in this firm

Apr 2006

Unblocking the uncooperative partner

Mar 2006

How to give your merger a kick start

Feb 2006

Get together to compete and win

Jan 2006

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Partner

Nov 2005

Your partner reward system is it aligned with your strategic objectives?

Oct 2005

A September 'To do' list

Sep 2005

How much more could your partners achieve?

Jun 2005

Performance - Is your firm firing on all cylinders?

May 2005

Cracking the WIP: Better financial management works wonders

Apr 2005

Implementation of the vision - key to successful mergers

Mar 2005

Why merge?

Feb 2005

Challenge your thinking

Jan 2005

Working capital management a touchstone of whether partners really are prepared to be managed?

Dec 2004

Does your firm have the people and skills to meet the challenges ahead?

Nov 2004

Planning key to effective succession strategies

Oct 2004

Do you have the right team to enable your firm to successfully compete?

Sep 2004

A summer to take stock

Jun 2004

Developing succession planning strategies

May 2004

Strategic alliancing an alternative growth model?

Apr 2004

How to FAIRLY match reward to contribution?

Mar 2004

Driving up partner performance

Feb 2004

Identifying Performance What does it take to succeed at your firm?

Jan 2004

Change before you have to

Nov 2003

Cash is king

Oct 2003

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